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Note: Massage is for EXISTING clients only 


Massage is one of the oldest health care practices known to history. This is a manipulation of soft tissue of the body for the purpose of normalizing those tissues and consists of a groups of manual techniques that include applying fixed or moveable pressure, holing, and/or causing movement to parts of the body. Listed below are some modalities Luna Salon offers.

Reiki Treatment
The Recovery Hour

This service is great for everyone, especially those who are super active! Choose from a personal sauna blanket, light therapy, or compression therapy and customize your session in lengths of 30, 60, or 90 minutes. (Super customizable for your time and your wallet!)


Listed below are descriptions of services you will be able to choose from for maximum relaxation and recovery time:


- Infrared Sauna Blanket: This is similar to a dry sauna that you would experience at a gym, but even better, as it is custom for you and you don't have to share the space! It's no secret that infrared heat is amazing for muscle recovery, but this heated blanket also elevates the body's thermal energy, promotes a healthy skin glow, works to enhance deep relaxation and sleep, and it improves circulation. 

*Please note because of this personal heat experience, you will be required to have 4 glasses of water minimum before use.*


- Leg Compression: This is a dynamic air compression device that helps you recover faster by flushing lactic acid out of your muscles. Leg compression also helps to increase circulation, reduce swelling, and refresh the muscles. This is a go to device for anyone who does cardio or lifting.


Celluma LED Light: It's no secret that Red Light Therapy is hot on the market, and Celluma is the best one out there! It's a light emitting diode that is non-invasive and works to improve aging skin, reduce acne, and reduce pain. This great for anyone experiencing any sort of inflammation on the skin or body. It is perfectly paired with the leg compression device.

Full Body Massage 

Tired, achy, or stressed? Come try one of my famous massages. With various techniques customized for your needs, you can get your muscles relaxed from head to toe. You will leave feeling lighter, refreshed, and ready to come back for more! Book a customized massage now!

Synergy stone.jpg
Hot Stone

This is a type of therapy that is used to ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout the body. Lauren uses various hot stones on the body with a smooth texture that retain their heat during use. The localized heat and weight of the stones warm and relax the muscles, this allows deeper pressure to be applied and more efficient work done for the body.  

​Deep Tissue Massage 

Enjoy a greater range of motion and long term effect as your massage therapist works the deeper layers of your muscle tissue with special attention to targeted areas where you have discomfort. This type of massage can benefit ailments such as stiff neck, headaches, low back pain, hip problems and cramped muscles, to name a few.

Lomi Lomi

One of the oldest and most profound forms of massage. This massage helps release stress and tension and in doing so facilitates the road to healing. The soft strokes release toxins and waste out of the body and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. 

Swedish Massage

Designed specifically melt away stress and tension for complete well-being. This massage orchestrates every element to give you the most relaxing experience. 


All new mommies need a little pampering. Come get a massage just for you and baby.  All oils and lotions used are safe for mommy and baby.

​Neuromuscular Therapy 

Similar to deep tissue, this type of massage focuses on specific problem areas, however we stand out a little differently with this service. Our therapist uses T-shaped bars to reach the muscles that hands cannot, giving you more long term benefits after your completed service. This type of massage therapy helps to eliminate those uncomfortable knots and give you a longer benefit.


Using essential oils and aromatic compounds, this massage combined with other therapies helps with one's moods, cognitive awareness, and psychological well being. You will leave feeling centered, grounded and refreshed.

Cupping Massage 

This is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which your massage therapist puts special cups on your problem areas to create suction. This draws lactic acid to one area in which your massage therapist can work out for you. It can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow and relaxation. This is a form of deep tissue massage.  (Please note this type of massage can cause bruising for a couple days, you may be asked to sign a waiver before service)

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