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Come discover the benefits!!!

Massage is one of the oldest health care practices known to history. Listed below are some modalities Luna Salon offers. 



This is a massage approach that helps establish harmony between the body and the mind.  It helps facilitate inner awareness of the body and openness to the message the body is sending. 

lomi lomi

One of the oldest and most profound forms of massage.  This massage helps release stress and tension and in doing so facilitates the road to healing. The soft strokes release toxins and waste out of the body and leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

maternity ​​(60 min)

All new mommies need a little pampering. Come get a massage just for you and baby.

​neuromuscular therapy (60 min)

Similar to deep tissue, this type of massage focuses on specific problem areas, however we stand out a little differently with this service. Our therapist uses T-shaped bars to reach the muscles that hands cannot, giving you more long term benefits after your completed service. This type of massage therapy helps to eliminate those uncomfortable knots and give you a longer benefit.


Using essential oils and aromatic compounds, this massage combined with other therapies helps with one's moods, cognitive awareness, and psychological well being.  You will leave feeling centered, ground, and refreshed guaranteed. 


This massage is a focused pressure technique usually directed at the feet and hands. It is based on the premise that there are zone and reflexes on different parts of the body which correspond to and are relative to all the parts, glands, meridians, and organs. Call today

and speak to a therapist about all the benefits and of this massage would be a fit for you. 

We offer the following a la carte services:


     • symphony of the cells essential oils

     • myofacscial therapy can be added on to any of the massages - helps relieve chronic muscle pain

​deep tissue massage (60 min)

Enjoy a greater range of motion and long term effect as your massage therapist works the deeper layers of your muscle tissue with special attention to targeted areas where you have discomfort. This type of massage can benefit ailments such as stiff neck, headaches, low back pain, hip problems and cramped muscles, to name a few.


Need a quick few minutes to relax, but don’t have time for a full massage? Come sit in our massage chair and relax for the amount of minutes of your choosing. You will leave feeling very relaxed.

cupping massage 

This is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which your massage therapist puts special cups on your problem areas to create suction. This draw lactic acid to one area in which your massage therapist can work out for you. It can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow and relaxation. This is a form of deep tissue massage. Pump cupping and glass cupping are available.  (Please note this type of massage can cause bruising for a couple days, you may be asked to sign a waiver before service)

swedish massage ​(60 min)

Designed specifically melt away stress and tension for complete well-being. This massage orchestrates every element to give you the most relaxing experience. 

symphony of the cells

This treatment is an oil based treatment that works on a cellular level for the body to repair itself. We use %100 pure grade oils from doterra (no filler oils in this brand). These oils are applied down the spine, hands and the feet.


This service can work well with the following ailments:  Allergies, digestive problems, respiratory issues, cardiovascular, inflammation, hormone balance, neurological disorders, and solar plexus.

This oil treatment can be added to any service or done alone. Give us a call today for more information.

full body massage (60 min)

Tired, achy, or stressed? Come try one of our famous massages. With various techniques customized for your needs, you can get your muscles relaxed from head to toe. You will leave feeling lighter, refreshed, and ready to come back for more! Book a customized massage now!