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Our nail services are not just services, but a luxurious experience.

Indulge in hydrating products to help soothe those fingers and toes along with a nice massage and nail lacquers of your choosing. You will leave floating on air.

spa mani & pedi

Your experience starts with soaking of the nails in a warm hand bath, followed by shaping of the nails and cuticles. Adding to the experience, we use almond oil and moisturizing lotion with a hand massage to make your hands look and feel amazing. End with one of our nail lacquers of your choice.

Relax your "sole" with this divine pedicure. immerse your feet into a heated foot bath infused with lavender salts. we shape your nails and cuticles, then slough off the rough patches and follow with a sugar scrub to brighten and hydrate the skin. Conclude with a soothing massage, marine oil, cool cucumer heel therapy and nail lacquer of your choice.

signature mani & pedi

Transform your arms and hands with this manicure. Designed to deeply hydrate and nourish your hands and nails. Our almond scrub invigorates the senses, while our mask seals in moisture and soothes tension away. Conclude with hot towels, massage and finish with a nail lacquer of your choice.

The ultimate treat for your feet. Relax in our comfortable massage chair while soaking your feet in our lavender infused foot bath. We continue with shaping of the nails and cuticles, then slough off the rough patches on those tired feet. Enjoy our aromatherapy scrub with a cooling foot mask that seals in moisture and cools those hard working feet. The journey ends with an extended foot massage, nail lacquer of your choosing and just a tinge of shimmer to make those toes shine!


shellac mani & pedi

Enjoy all of the same benefits of the spa mani & pedi with a longer lasting nail lacquer. With UV3 technology, this gel polish gives you beautifully manicured nails lasting up to two weeks. Great for the person who works with their hands a lot. 

hot oil mani

Soak your hands in soothing warm lotion designed to uplift your senses. Nails will be shaped to your liking followed by a nice hand massage and nail color of your choice.

parafin wax

Added to any of our nails services, this service is designed to heal those dry, tired hands and feet, as well as provided added moisture. Really great to further extend your nail service and good in the winter time with the dry air.

polish change & shellac removal available