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Lauren uses the highest quality of skin care products to achieve your skin care goals.  All of the services listed below are very unique and have great long term benefits.

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Customized Facial

Have multiple needs for your skin?  Come see Lauren for a free consultation and she will create a specific facial for all of your needs!

Anti-aging Facial (60 mins)

Get the optimal skin health and visible radiance with the anti-aging facial. The anti-aging products and firming masque will tighten and tone weakened skin, help reduce the puffiness, diminish fine lines, and boost your skins ability to regenerate itself. You leave with a younger and more radiant glow.  

Acne Facial (60 mins)

Tired of problem prone skin. Try the acne facial. It will cleanse and purify your skin and aid in improving your skins health and helping with those stubborn blemishes. Extractions included if needed in the service. Perfect for anyone struggling with acne, and wanting to achieve healthier skin.

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"Coldplay" Facial

Also referred to as the cold facial. Lauren uses cold glass globes to massage the eyes and face.  The cooling effect of the globes helps calm inflammation, reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, stimulate nerves, relieve face tension, release toxins, and works well for tension headache pain.  A great facial to do if you do any sort of ablative skin work, facial surgery, or you are often on camera!  Also a great facial during the summer months!

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Hydrojelly Facial

Currently one of the most popular facials in which the facial mask is made with refined alginate. It gives the skin a "plump" feeling and has great benefits such as hydration, smoothing, moisture retention, cleansing, toning, and reduced inflammation. Lauren has a wide variety of hydro jelly she uses so she can customized the mixture just for you! This mask can also be added to any other facial on the menu!

"Set the tone" facial

This is a facial in which I take your face to the gym and give you a "natural" face lift.  Using a series of microcurrent devices, I tone the skin and help firm up the wrinkles around the face. This increases cellular activity and tightens the pores. Perfect for any big event where you will be photographed! 

"Flashing Light" Facial

This facial uses a series of colored LED lights emitting diode therapy.  This facial is great for anti aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, and fine lines. The device not only does light therapy but gives a nice massage as well. Great as an add on to any facial or done by itself!  

The different color lights help with the following:

  • Red Light - Combats wrinkles and increases collagen production. Works well for hyperpigmentation.  

  • Green Light - Helps to even skin complexion

  • Blue Light - Helps to eliminate acne causing bacteria and works well for acne scarring

  • Purple Light - Increases cell regeneration and renewal

  • Orange/ Yellow Light - Alleviates redness and works well with rosacea and sun burned skin.

On a side note - ask Lauren about this therapy and how it personally worked for her and her skin journey! She is a big believer in light therapy!   

Ghu Sha Facial

This facial is the favorite among Lauren's clients. This is a 90 min lymphatic based facial that uses a series of flat contoured jade stones, rose and clear quartz and rollers to relax face muscles and promote tissue drainage. This service is great for any skin type (especially great for acne prone and aging skin) and very relaxing. There is 45 min of massage alone in this facial.  Who doesn't love that?!?!  Book today!

Herbal Poultice

A series of herbs, plants, and other substances with healing properties that is wrapped into a muslin cloth. It is then moistened in water, steamed, and placed on the face for massage. The herbs and the heat help take down inflammation and promote healing. This is a great add on to do with the Ghu Sha or alone. Works well for all skin types and very relaxing. 

Hot Stone Facial

Using a series of warmed river stones Lauren uses her massage technique and glides along the face, neck and decollete.   This service creates peace and relaxation while melting away fatigue and promoting drainage in the skin. 

"Dope show" Facial

Also known as the "mile high facial." This facial is loaded with botanicals including radiance boosting actives to help detoxify and resurface the skin. It's rich in fatty acid and hemp derived CBD that works wonders to balance the skin. An omega rich and silky serum is used to massage the face and after an electrolyte infused jelly mask is applied that helps push products further into the skin and is known to help calm anxiety.

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Cupping Facial

This is very much similar to body cupping minus the bruising and discomfort. Using a series of small pump cups and facial oil customized to your needs I slide cups along the face to help drain excess lymph, depuff eyes, tame inflammation, increase blood circulation and, promote cell repair, and aid in regeneration.

High Frequency

Another great add on or done alone, this is a popular skincare technique that uses and electric current to zap acne, shrink enlarged pores, even texture and it is even great for stimulating the scalp for hair growth. 

The "Full LoLo" Facial

This is Lauren's signature facial! Two hours of pure bless with amazing benefits to the skin. This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, herbal poultice, ghu sha, customized hydr-jelly mask, lip and eye treatment, aromatherapy hand and arm massage with hot stones, toning, light therapy, and finishes with customized creams applied to the skin, and a delicious lip enhancement balm! This is the ultimate treat with long term benefits.

NEW! AquaFacial

Currently one of the most popular facials on the market! Known for the 3 step process this facial works to deep clean, exfoliate and hydrate your sin.  It works on many of levels and a wide variety of skin types and conditions including acne, dry skin, wrinkles, sun damage and other minor skin issues.  Great after ablative services such as peels, nano-needling, micro-needling and deep enzyme exfoliations. Also included are an oxygen treatment, mask and a Gua Sha facial massage.

O2 Lifting Facial

This brightening facial uses a foam like technology to create luminous skin in just minutes.  The mask features Fiflow technology which helps deliver oxygen to the skin to purify and brighten your appearance instantly.

Moisturizing Facial
(60 mins)

Colorado can be so hard on the skin, relax with a hydrating facial that will restore moisture back to your skin and help fight free radicals.  You will leave with hydrated and smooth skin.

Chitossil Thread Lifting


New to the market and not done in many salons. This innovative treatment helps rejuvenate and restore the youthful contours of your skin. Much like a microcurrent device, this service has a smoothing, lifting, and toning effect on the skin. It is proven to firm skin that is prone to sagging or lacks elasticity. This service is a series of threads in conjunction with an activator that penetrate into the skin and expand into the sagging areas to plump the skin. It is massaged for 20min with instant results at the end of your treatment. Treatment can be done every 4-6 week to maintain results and that yummy glow!

24-Karat Gold Facial


This facial is the "golden" ticket for your skin to keep a long lasting highlight glow.  Sheets of 24-karat gold are placed on the face and then a gold placenta hydrojelly mask is placed on top of the sheets to give you maximum benefits. The combination of sheet and the masks is unbelievable! It improves skin texture, tightens the skin, calms redness, helps with sun spots and hyperpigmentation, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin. The gold metal composition is known to allow your skin to absorb the products on a much deeper scale. To finish a special gold cream is massaged into the skin leaving an incredible sun kissed glow and helping your facial throughout the rest of your day!  This is a must try! You won't regret it!