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Indulge in a body treatment that will give you great and long lasting benefits!

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Booty Glow

Otherwise know as the "fanny facial," This service is very much like a facial but for your bum.  I start with a double cleanse, move to an exfoliation with steam, extractions (if necessary), massage with a firming gel and the body contour device using microcurrents to tone the booty and the legs, I then add a firming mask and finish with a cellulift cream.  This service is perfect for spring/ summer to show off your bum and legs!
Back Treatment (60 mins)
The back can be a hard area to reach and clean. Let me do it for you! Much like a facial, I give your back the ultimate treatment. I use a cleanser customized to your needs followed by a scrub and a mask to leave for back feeling refreshed and clean. I finish with a hydrating lotion and back massage so you leave not only feeling relaxed but your back feeling silky and brand new!
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Back & Booty Glow Combination 

I will have your back glowing and your booty shining. Combining the back treatment and booty glow together for the ultimate treatment. You will be ready to show that glowing skin in no time!
Mystic Aypa Back Treatment

This is a special treatment that has evolved from and Incan Ritual.  This culture believed that the earth was their source of life and healing.  They believe in giving back to nature and by taking care of the earth it would create harmony within them.  This is a unique treatment using an all natural warming mud to draw impurities to the surface, purify the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system. An quinoa rice grain scrub is used to prep the skin.  Hot towels and essential oils used to enhance an already earthy and beautiful experience.
Back & Booty Derm

Microdermabrasion is a classic technique used to exfoliate the skin.  Using a diamond tip wand, this service is perfect for the hard to reach areas and neglected skin on that back and booty.  Bring your back and booty back to life with this classic exfoliation.
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