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cellulift treatment (30 mins)
This is a luxury cellulite treatment focusing on the bottom and the legs. Using our high end skin care product we do an exfoliation of the area and use our cellulift cream with a fascia blaster to break up the cellulite and give you amazing smooth results.
back treatment (60 mins)
The back can be a hard area to reach and clean. Let us do it for you! Much like a facial, we give your back the ultimate treatment. we use a cleanser customized to your needs followed by a scrub and a mask to leave for back feeling refreshed and clean. We finish with a hydrating lotion and back massage so you leave not only feeling relaxed but your back feeling silky and brand new!
back scrub (30 mins)
Need help getting to those hard to reach areas on your back? Let us help by using a hydrating scrub with steam and a body cream to soothe that refreshed skin. 
oil body scrub (45 mins)
Smooth and refresh your skin with a eucalyptus mint scrub the sloughs off your dead skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and your sense heightened. Equipped with warm towels this service is sure to make you feel rejuvenated!


moor mud
(full body 90 mins) • (back only 60 mins)
Also known as peat moss, this is an organic substance that comes from plants under special conditions. Unlike clay, it contains herbs, flowers and grasses that have more vitamins and health properties. Moor mud has chelatic properties that is a strong detoxifier. It cleanses the skin, helps with uneven tone, helps preserve skin thru the presences of UV elements and improves circulation. Because it also pull heavy metal isotopes, it also helps break down fat cells, it has anti-bacterial properties, relieves pain and helps retain moisture. Book you customized Moor Mud treatment today and discover what it can do for you!

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